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Dr. Miguel teaches as and Assistant Professor of Voice at Western Illinois University. He is also available for private lessons in person or over Zoom. Contact him for more information and to schedule a lesson!

Dr. Miguel's passion for effective and informed pedagogy has left him in high demand as a teacher of Classical, Musical Theater, and Contemporary Commercial voice. His students win competitions, perform in musical productions, release solo commercial music, and perform significant works in recital and concert. Miguel’s students’ recitals are recognized for their high quality of performance across a wide variety of genres. 

Dr. Miguel is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and Estill Voice International. He is certified at the Estill Figure Proficiency level and his teaching is informed by Estill Voice Training.


These visual resources were created to aid in studio teaching and classroom vocal pedagogy instruction. Feel free to save the images, print them, and include them in your lectures and papers as long as credit is attributed.
Vocal Ped 2021 Registers  (23).jpg
Vocal Ped 2021 Registers  (24).jpg
Vocal Ped 2021 Registers  (25).jpg

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Frauenliebe und leben No. 1 by Robert Schumann - Sasha Middeldorp '18 and Melinda Westphalen
00:00 / 00:00

Musical Theater

Gorgeous from The Apple Tree by Jerry Bock - Sophia Schott '21 and Melinda Westphalen
00:00 / 00:00


Angel Eyes by Matt Dennis - J'Remi Barnes '19 and Nicholas Miguel
00:00 / 00:00

Contemporary Commercial Music

Songbird by Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac) - Kyra Neylan '18 and Nicholas Miguel
00:00 / 00:00

What Dr. Nick Miguel's students are saying:

"Amazing professor! Always encouraging and I have improved so much in the one semester I’ve worked with him!"

"Dr. Miguel has so much knowledge over the content that is clear. Ploys work wonders for my voice."

"I think Nick is very good at making me feel comfortable in his space and willing to learn."

"Nick is a phenomenal instructor and a wonderful person. He is a great listener and conveyor of complex ideas" 

"Nick is the best teacher/coach I have had in any subject ever"

"He is very attentive and creates a course according to my specific needs"

"He truly cares about the development of his students"

"Nick is truly one of the most amazing teachers I've ever had, musical or otherwise"

"He is very good at choosing repertoire based on his students' strengths and weaknesses and teaching multiple genres of music"

"Nick is very open and kind, which creates an environment that feels safe to ask questions and make mistakes"

"The best teacher I have had, hands down"

"He is able to communicate the sound he is looking for in a way few others can"

"My lessons were always fun, yet challenging"

"It's tough to think how this experience could be better"

"He is very patient and can hear and isolate any issues very well. In addition, he's extremely knowledgeable"

"His ear always catches what my voice is doing"

"Nick has a vast array of tools, knowledge, and anecdotes"

"I can't say how much I have enjoyed taking lessons with him"

"The exercises we do in class help me a lot. He is tough to get details right, but it's rewarding"

"He taught me to see the problem from different ways and solve them effectively and efficiently"

"He's just an amazing teacher"

"Nick gives incredibly honest and constructive feedback and creates a very comfortable environment"

"Nick is very good at identifying problems just by listening to my singing. He gives useful and immediate feedback before giving me exercises to work on"

"Enthusiasm, passion, and dedication are his greatest strengths"

"He is an extremely personable, great communicating, empathetic teacher: a consummate professional"

"Even I, myself, am amazed at how much progress I made over the course of two semesters"

"He has a knack for communicating difficult anatomical concepts around the throat and mouth"

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